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Repairs and setups

I've been building and repairing guitars for over 25 years.
Whilst we pride ourselves on the fine handcrafted guitars we make we are predominantly known locally for our superb repair facility.
Over the years I have worked on hundreds if not thousands of guitars for both professional and amateur players alike.

We have an experienced team of repairers offering high levels of expertise and we aim to offer a competitively priced service with fast turnaround times (as no musician likes to be parted from their instrument for long)

Our extremely well equipped workshops offer a full range of services from basic setup work to full restorations.

MOST REQUESTED REPAIRS - (all prices include VAT @ 20%)

Guitar Health Check FREE OF CHARGE

Restringing from £15 (plus the cost of whichever strings you use...or supply your own)

Set Up From £55.00 plus parts/strings
Includes - Truss rod adjustment, nut height, action, intonation, pickup height, electrics check/clean

Fret Skim and set-up from £80
levelling frets to allow for a better set-up & add fallaway
Includes - standard set-up as above

FRET DRESS IN NECK JIG AND SET-UP From £120.00 plus parts
Fret Dress-precision levelling of fret tops in the StewMac Neck Jig,
then re-profiling frets to perfect shape and finessing & polishing
Includes - standard set-up as above

REFRET From £240.00 plus parts

Removal of existing frets and replacement with a fret-wire of your choice.
Includes - Fret Dress and set up as above

Refretting Extras:

Ebony Fingerboard Extra £20.00

Re-lacquer maple Fingerboard Extra £80.00

Reshape Fingerboard Extra 25.00 +
Stainless steel wire Extra £60

NEW NUT / SADDLE From £50.00
Tusq / bone / Graphite / brass

Large range of Seymour Duncan, EMG, Dimarzio, B-Band pickups in stock

Labour time charged @ £55.00 per hour

Fit pickup system to acoustic guitar From £50.00 plus parts
CUSTOMISING – Phone to discuss

REFINISHING – Phone to discuss

If you don't see the repair that you require listed - please ask for details

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