Lots of news and updates for this year
Sorry it's been a little slow on the news reporting front
It's been more a question of finding the time to get the site updated rather than having nothing to say

In no particular order here are some updates on our activities

Custom Builds for 2014

2013 already finds us busy with custom work.
This year we are focusing more than ever on models based on our range than ever before - albeit with a lot of scope for customisation.
We are doing this as we were finding that this allows us to do what we do best rather than getting caught up in time intensive projects that try to reinvent the guitar from the ground up
This should free us up a little to look after some important projects that also need our attention

20th anniversary models

Gibson custom shop les paul Feline liuon 20th anniversary

These are coming along at a fine pace - although I would like to have them all finished by now to show off
Here is a link to the features we have incorporated in what we aim to be the best of what we have made to date - check it out
Check out the page showing the 12 guitars being built to see how they are coming along - we'll update it as we go : The dirty dozen


blackmachine B6 guitar

We are lending a hand to one of my best friends of the last 25 years Doug Campbell who runs the widely acclaimed company www.BlackmachineGuitars.net
Their order book had become too busy to keep taking orders so I have elected to step in and help with getting some of the more affordable B6 models to completion.
All enquiries on these will be via the Blackmachine website as before

Repair Workshop

We are busier than ever in our repair department and we put it down to continuing our policy of doing the best repairs we can offer with excellent customer service and taking a keen interest in the needs of the player.
We are keeping repair times down to the minimum we can although times vary depending upon ongoing workload.
Give us a call and let us book your guitar in for a free health check where we can discuss how we can help your guitar.

New Lines & product updates

Mastery Bridge

mastery bridge jaguar jazzmaster mastery bridge jaguar jazzmaster mastery bridge jaguar jazzmaster

We recently got some stock of this extraordinary bridge for Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars
A little expensive on first look, but when you see how beautifully and carefully machined it is from top class materials it is - it all makes sense.
Designed to overcome all of the shortcoming of traditional Fender Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars - these bridges are the business
A welcome addition to our hardware lines


We have been dealing with this fantastic product for a number of years and continue to do so with great zeal.
In fact we love it so much that we fit it by preference to all of our custom built guitars (unless otherwise requested)
Recently the company had been successful in overturning a patent lawsuit by another company (Musicman) claiming rights to their technology.
Now that the dust has settled on that case and justice has been served , they are back with a vengeance and production of their excellent product is back in full swing

Cruz Tools

We have started stocking a number of lines from this fantastic company
We realised that it made more sense for us to keep these very specialised guitar maintenance tools in stock rather than typical guitar playing accessories like capos etc.
One popular tool which we now include with our 20th anniversary guitars is the Cruz Groovetool guitar multi-ttol as sen above in the special pouch we have had made for them. These are available to buy as well .
The tool is £13.95 and the pouch costs £5
We will also be keepintthe string cutters and the Nut and jack tool too.


New T shirt and a reprint of a classic

feline guitar repairs t shirt Feline Guitars electric warrior  T rex marc bolan

We are getting our popular Feline girl repairing a flying V guitar printed up onto a t shirt
As ever we will be getting QUALITY heavyweight t shirts that will wash well and still be looking good in 5 years time

At the same time we have decided to get our Warrior t shirt (inspired by the T Rex Electric Warrior album art) reprinted
These sold out really quickly and were really popular when we had them at guitar shows

Our string pack designs are still available in limited numbers - get them while you can


Tigger isn't sure that the assistant that started helping out in the office is working out very well (Tigger is the one on the right)





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