Ok - we are still brainstorming stuff for this page but here are a couple of questions to get things going

I see stuff on your website that I really like and would like to buy, but how do I go about it?

We are in the process of seeting up payment via paypal on this siteso you will be able to click and buy the item you see
If you dont like paypal you can always contact us direct (telephone number at bottom of page) and pay with a debt or credit card. We do also have an ebay shop but it doesn't always have all of what we doin it

Do you repair only electric guitars or do you work on acoustic ones too? And what about bass guitars?

We work on acoustic. electric and bass guitars in our repair workshop. Both right and left handed.

I want to build my own guitar - can you help me?

To an extent yes - we can certainly point you in the right direction.
I would recommend the purchase of certain books -many of which can be found here: www.stewmac.com
Reading up on the subject or even watching videos and DVDs on it will assist you greatly
We can certainly supply much of the hardware such as bridges, machineheads, pickups etc
We even sometimes have a stash of necks or bodies that can help the first time builder.

Can I buy a part built guitar like the ones i see on your "work in progress" page that I can complete myself?

Yes- you certainly can.
The process is like ordering a custom built guitar, but we stop at a certain point and hand it over to you to complete.
It wont be as cheap as buying standard parts off the shelf as it is still pretty much a custom built guitar, but you can get what you want rather than the limited range offered by guitar kit makers.

How can I get to meet the girls on your string packs and t-shirts?

I would like to know that as well but Vince Ray who drew them is keeping that a closely guarded secret.
I may take him out for a few beers in the hope that he will divulge that info.

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